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Murder at the Castle

[for 6-8 players]

Murder at the Castle

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Murder in Riotsville 1920's murder mystery

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Murder in Riotsville 1920's murder mystery

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Murder on the Balonia 1930's murder mystery 

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D-Day - 1 =  Murder 1940's murder mystery

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Who murdered Bagga Chypz? 

23rd Century sci -fi murder mystery game

[10-12 players]




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A 1920's Murder Mystery Party Game for 12-16 players


 Total cost to you: US$ 6.99 


The year is 1928, it's the Prohibition Era, and the city of Riotsville is not coping well.  The sale of alcohol has been banned, illegal speakeasies have sprung up all over town and there's a general breakdown of law and order.  Law abiding people are fearful to walk at night as local organized crime gangs sort out their territorial differences on the streets.  With the Mayoral election imminent, the current Mayor announces now is a good time to crack down on city gangsters.  The very next day, he is shot dead on the steps leading up to City Hall.

The Mayor's murder has unfortunately intensified the pressure on those of us who run the organized crime in Riotsville, making normal 'street business' impossible.  This cannot be allowed to continue.  For all our sakes, the Mayor's murderer must be found.  To achieve this, an emergency 'gangster truce' meeting of the Riotsville underworld has been called at Joey's speakeasy.  All those selected to attend (you and your guests) will have had a motive to kill the Mayor, by the end of the meeting, the murderer will be identified.

This is a brand new full colour totally original dinner party downloadable game, supplied as e-mailed Microsoft Word pdf files direct to your computer, to be read with Adobe Acrobat reader.  Full instructions supplied.  Game should last 1 - 2 hours.  Suitable for ages 13+.  Your game sent by instant e-mail as soon as payment cleared.  Paid for with Paypal, should be same day delivery.

There are no shipping or delivery charges.  Your game emailed worldwide for free! 

All the fun of a Dinner Party Murder Mystery Game - without the box! 

We supply files to print:

16 character booklets for your guests, invitations, party instructions, name tags, a newspaper article, various evidence, labels to dress up envelopes and a choice of two murderer's confessions.


You will need:


80+ sheets of printer paper, a stapler, sticky stuff (Pritt stick?) and envelopes.  Nothing else.




This is an environment friendly product.  NO packaging, NO fuel outlay in delivery, the entire product is recyclable.  Our games are designed to provide a fun evening for a group of people at no cost to the planet. 



The 12-16 characters:

Rich Wilby:

It's not easy being an investment banker in the 1920's.  You will do whatever it takes to keep your position at the bank.  Unusual times calls for unusual strategies.

Desiree Streetcar: Your husband made the mistake of underestimating you - and paid the price.  Now you're getting your own back by turning around his loss making company.  Who said it had to be strictly legal?
Foxy Frampton: A stylish gangster, you like to be seen around town in the company of the new cinema stars.  That can be expensive, so it's just as well you have a hand in most of the underworld dealings in Riotsville.
Scarlet O'Starlet: You are desperate to be a success in the new movies, to see your name up there in lights.  And with 'friends' like yours, it shouldn't be hard to 'persuade' the movie moguls to give you your big chance.
Ritzy Carlton: You own the best hotel in Riotsville, inherited from your father, yet you're always on the lookout for that big deal that will allow you to shine in your own right.  Could this be the deal you have been waiting for?
Sher Ratton: A singer with the voice of an angel, in fact, that's one thing you're not.  Unless heaven allows in confidence tricksters.
Mickie Moran: Owning a brewery in the Prohibition Era isn't easy, especially as every local gangster wants a piece of your action.
Iona Barr: You've sunk all your money into your clandestine speakeasy.  Somehow you have to keep it both secret and successful, and that ain't going to be easy.
Tiny Torelli:

One of the most feared gangsters in Riotsville, you have a hand in many of the local rackets.  You don't see Prohibition as a problem, it's an opportunity.

Leika Topshot:

A successful newspaper photographer, your life is every bit as interesting as the characters you splash on the front pages - dead or alive.

Winn Anyhow: A ruthless politician, you will allow nothing to stand in the way of your ambition to be elected the next Mayor of Riotsville.
Tinker Tobasco: A loyal second in command to your gangster boss, you make sure all his orders are carried out to the letter, inside or outside the law.
Fingers Fellini: A travelling gun for hire, the increasing level of gangster violence in Riotsville is beginning to worry even you.
Mad Maddigan: You're a dangerous killer working for the Ocean West Gang, but even killers have to have their allies.  Who dare you trust?
Jango Jarrett: Prohibition is threatening to kill off your precious night club business.  One way or another, you'll make sure this doesn't happen.
Matt Adore: There's nothing boring about life down on your farm.  Folks are just dying to find out what happens there.


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This game is an original work by the author.  Not for re-sale.   Any resemblance to real people, places, characters or events is purely co-incidental. 

 Neil Faiman - March 2008.  All rights reserved.






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